Jan. 21st, 2013

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you probably know, I live in perpetual 1940 when it comes to my hair, makeup and fashion. My lipsticks are all spice and red shades, my nails are red, my hair is fingerwaved or pincurled any time I go out. I live in dresses, my face is always made up. I have 70 year old mirrored compacts, bakelite and lucite jewelry, and I'm saving up to replace my worn out saddle oxfords that I go everywhere in when I'm in casual clothes. Basically, leggings just don't fit my style.

And, being that they don't fit my style (I'm going for authenticity, after all), I hadn't thought about them in years and years – until last February when I bought my first non-vintage magazine in years and years. And there they were, a little blast from my past – a girl in leggings, floral boots and a cropped shirt. It was marvelous! Bare in mind that you can get No nonsense leggings in pretty much any major drug store (think Walgreens, CVS, etc.) and at stores like ShopKo and Walmart – heck, they probably have them at your local gas station. I'ts not impossible to get an authentic 90s look for a low price!
I stopped wearing leggings around 2006 after about 3 years of dressing the way the gorgeous models in Japanese teen magazines dressed. I had started to get really irritated with modern fashion after the Bali craze of 2000-2003, and desperately missed the fast-dying but undeniably hip fashion of the 1990s. Everything from the hair metal and grunge of the early 1990s, to the club rat and skater/surfer looks that dominated mainstream fashion towards the end of the decade.
It was home to me, I loved it all and missed it when it was gone. But that copy of Cosmo flashed me right back to one of my all-time favorite looks, the early 1990s Mall Rat!
Now I have dreams of spending weekends away from my 40s style, putting on a pair of No nonsense tights and leggings, tall combat boots, a tank top and mini skirt with a plaid work shirt tied around my waist (and, in a perfect world, a gorgeous leather biker jacket). Or take the look to the softer side of 1992 with cropped leggings under a floral mini babydoll, platform maryjanes and a mini backpack!
I love this idea! Any time I can take a little trip back to my teens, I definitely want to, and the nice part about being freelance and having a cool dayjob (I work for a radio show) means that I can dress as awesomely outrageous as I want to while still staying job appropriate! Want to see some fun 90s style stuff I put together at Polyvore.com? (Pssst, you can put one together yourself, for free!)


Seafoam 1993 (updated)



I've been checking out No nonsense, actually, and I was surprised to find out that they even make leggings (for some reason I associate the name with hosery) and I found out that they're not only selling some gorgeous legwear (Have you seen the 90s-fabulous colors? Holy crud!), but they're also partnering with" I Have Nothing to Wear!" author (and fashion maven) Jill Martin, who's definitely going to make it easier for gals who maybe aren't as backward as I am (aka they'll want to be fashion forward, not retro electric, lol) to figure out how to assemble their stylish new looks via a series of vignetes online plus she'll be buzzing around on their social media like @benononsense on Twitter to give you a lakeload of style tips.
In other cool Jill Martin news, on top of all that, one facebook contest winner ( No nonsense on Facebook ) is going to get to meet Jill and go on a crazy NYC shopping spree, how cool is that??

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Not entirely of my own making (meaning at least two will be Artisteer themes that I’m particularly proud of), but a few ‘just-so-I-can-update-with-something’ WordPress themes are coming up, as well as a lovely new post about where to find good themes and an updated free domain name post.

Most of the free domains that were once available (uni.cc, co.cc) are gone because nothing free lasts forever, but there are some new kids on the block that I’m sure you’ll want to know about. :)

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Guess what? Shibuya 109 has a brand new post:

Since I can’t go in real life, and figure the same is probably true of my loyal subjects (that means you), I decided to gallavanting around Google Maps to nab some pretty pictures of Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan. These were snapped by my beloved Google Earth vehicle in Tokyo in November…

Get your butt over to Shibuya 109 to read the rest!

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