Feb. 20th, 2013

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As you might already know, I work for a radio show running the booth and booking guests. During my time running the booth, I’ve had some influence as to what music is played (we play pre-1962 music and radio commercials from about the same time). One of the hosts loves the music, but the other has kicked and screamed about the music – especially the very old stuff (say, from the teens-1930s) – but, every now and then, we get a guest who loves the music.

That’s what happened on the evening show last night. The guest, who was talking about ways to properly deal with grief and suffering (very cool stuff, very insightful, too), had to grind the show to a halt after the second break. We played Ritchie Valens, “Donna”, and the guest gushed that he was in 10th grade when that song came out, and we helped him to find and re-live a good memory. A pool party he had forgotten about. He said it was a trip down Memory Lane, and thanked us for that.

We’re getting it more and more because we’re playing more Du Wop and Maltshop Memories-type stuff than we used to, and we’re hearing from people who vividly remember where they were when they first heard that song. One song that’s gotten that response more than once is Betty Everett’s classic, “Shoop Shoop Song”:

I know I’m getting old, because I feel that way when the radio plays Semicharmed Life, lol. But it’s so cool to be able to do that for someone, even if it was by accident!

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