Feb. 25th, 2013

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I just finished watching last night’s episode (I Ain’t A Judas) of AMC’s amazing, perfect and beautiful Zombie drama, “The Walking Dead”, and I have to tell you it’s fantastic to watch a show and not know what’s going to happen for once. AMC’s great about that kind of thing, with TWD and Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc. – all shows I have a real hard time predicting the outcome of. A couple of very quick praises and bitches:

The Walking Dead

Yes, it’s really hard to predict – and last night was no different. I have little idea what to expect, but I have to say this – Rick, do *not* bring Carl to Woodbury! I don’t care how good a shot he is, or what a man you think he is, or how crazy you are at this point but he’s your son and he’s also just a kid! Is Glenn really this far off the deep end, that even Rick is like, “Whoa, maybe you need a little lie down?” and would rather take Carl to a gun fight instead? You stupid idiot.

Of course I’m happy that Daryl’s back, that Andrea’s alright for the time being, and pissed at Rick for sending Tyrese and company out to be cannon fodder for The Governor.

My favorite moment of the episode came when Merle and Hershel had their talk, and I’m hoping Merle stays as calm as he is right now. Also really liked the whole Hershel yelling at Rick thing, because someone needs to yell at this dude. Or slap him, or some other such thing, lol.

I’m way too tired to make any sense but pretend I did, anyway. :P

I’m off to catch up on TV. It’s Talking Dead time!

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