Feb. 26th, 2013

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A lot of people complained about Seth McFarlane’s hosting of the Oscars on Sunday night, and I haven’t had a chance to watch any of it yet. They put it up on Hulu, thank the Gods, but I’m only 15 minutes into it and already I love it. If it’s because he was offensive, frigging welcome to Seth McFarlane, lol.

Seth McFarlane at The Oscars

My favorite moment so far has to be a tie between William Shatner’s appearance (insanely cool device to get in McFarlane’s ADHD sketches), and “We haven’t seen Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs at all!” cut to Jennifer Lawrence being adorably with it in the audience.

So far, I love it – Dan Radcliffe, The Flying Nun stunt, The Way You Look Tonight (though Charleze Theron and Channing Tatum were incredibly awkward in comparison to my Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers), all of it – what did you think?

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