Feb. 5th, 2013

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Can you be an anti-activist activist? Does that defeat the point? I dunno, something for me to ponder. I’m doing a lot of pondering at the moment, actually, so all of my self absorbed whining will end up here, most likely. You’re welcome. ;)

I told Laota that I was worried about turning into Aaron Sorkin, and shouting moderate ideals through a megaphone from an overpass in my underwear some day, lol. We both got a kick out of the idea of shouting moderate ideals, which is something we’re both known to do, but does it accomplish anything?

What little idealism that can still survive in the acidic concoction that is my evil, evil soul tells me that the reason extremists are allowed to be so extreme is because there are almost no outspoken moderates, which is a thought that changed me from the inside out. But my rational brain tells me that people will stick to what they believe, even in the face of evidence that proves their belief to be wrong or misguided (in which case they will actually hold to it, believing more strongly after the fact), and that all being vocal does is make me part of the problem, especially in the way I choose to be vocal.

Now, I’m pretty arrogant but not arrogant enough to think that I should try to change minds, or that it’s any of my business. Mostly my griping comes from a dark place, just my inability to keep my mouth shut. My point is not to change minds, or to ‘educate’ (I can’t stand it when people say they’re trying to educate you, lol.), but to play Devil’s Advocate with people on both sides of the center who view others as the ruin of their own lives, and who cry for tolerance but refuse to show the same compassion to others. But, unfortunately, during the last few years I’ve become an intolerant ass hole who lacks compassion, and am now the kind of person that I can’t stand.

I still believe that moderates should speak up and get active. I just wonder, now and then, if I really want to be ‘that guy’.

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